Updated as of: 17/04/2019 






  • Bust - $15

  • Half Body - $25

  • Full Body - $35

  • Additional figure - $9

  • Additional Background - $20





Black and white

  • Bust - $30

  • Half Body - $40

  • Full Body - $50

  • Additional figure - $15

  • Additional Background - $40

  • Additional Colour Accent - $5






  • Bust - $40

  • Half - $60

  • Full Body - $80

  • Additional figure - $20






  • Bust - $60

  • Half - $100

  • Full Body - $140

  • Additional figure - $30







  • Bust - $100

  • Half - $140

  • Full Body - $180

  • Additional figure - $40






  • Bust - $150

  • Half - $200

  • Full Body - $250

  • Additional figure - $45


Payment: Paypal only

*All prices are listed in USD

I will draw:

  • oc’s

  • shippy fanart of fandoms outside mine or my ships (though I may turn it down if it’s completely out of my element!)

  • nsfw/nudity/sex

  • book/fanfic covers

  • basic comic panels

  • non-human characters with humanoid features (ie. elves, dwarves, certain alien species, demons etc.)
    *I am more inclined to accept commissions if it’s within my own interests and fandom! <3 But don’t let this discourage you. I will try to fulfil as many as I can so long as my slots are available.

I will not draw:

  • complicated backgrounds (ie. architecture, cityscapes, excessive detail work)

  • rape/non-con/hardcore fetish

  • furries

  • non-humanoid characters

  • Animals (unless minor detail as part of the composition)

  • Mecha

  • hate/anti content

  • Other content that I will find uncomfortable drawing


  • Please provide any reference whether in description or in image with as much detail as possible to ensure that your commission will be translated more accurately. The more information you provide, the better I can illustrate your work. 

  • Do include your paypal address in the form.

  • Please indicate a deadline if it needs attention, like if it’s for a fic release, a gift etc. If you do not indicate a reasonable deadline, then I will assume you accept my average waiting time.

  • After the initial description and payment is made, I will then provide a rough sketch draft of the composition. You are allowed to request one major change (ie. the hair is longer/shorter, clothes are different, arm pose to be shifted etc.) and three minor changes in the work 

  • When the work is in its final stages of completion or is completed, you are subject to only two minor changes in the piece (eg. change/removal of bg colour if flat bg commission, removal or change of small accessories, eye colour change etc.)

  • You will receive a full-resolution of the commission in jpeg though you may request to have the file in png, tiff or pdf. This is the end product and the conclusion of our trade.


  • All commissions must be paid fully upfront.

  • Method of payment is PayPal only.

  • Customer must pay a 4% processing fee (this is so that no transaction costs gets deducted from my end!).

  • The usual wait time 1-3 months. If I am dealing with a busy schedule and if you are on a waiting list, then allow an additional 1-2 months waiting time. The average commissioner will receive their commission in 1 month’s time. You will know you have reached the front of the queue once I send a preliminary draft sketch. For rush/priority commission, you must pay an additional 40% of the total cost and allow a minimum of 3 weeks AFTER approving the design. Take note that I may refuse this option in circumstances where multiple people have asked for this service simultaneously.

  • The usual size for a commission is A4 or a 3000px x 3000px square. Please let me know if you wish to have a different dimension. The tarot card commission is fixed to the standard dimension (but I will provide a larger size than the true card).

  • The prices provided is a guide. Please understand if you decide on a full body commission with an additional figure and the second figure may not be a full body, you will still be paying for the full body price. Please review this in the draft I will send you because I will not make amends to pricing once the design has been approved by you.

  • I have the right to not disclose artworks on any of my social media platforms. These are my personal accounts and therefore it is in my own decision to publish it or not.

  • I have all rights to my commissioned artworks therefore I can have any usage of the said art such as reprints, archiving, publishing, etc.

  • You are not allowed to redistribute my commission for profit purposes in any form of reproduction or merchandising that involve any kind of profit gain. If you wish to use your commission for commercial purposes, you must pay a licensing fee for copyright permissions. This will be discussed in our email exchange.

  • You may repost it on other platforms, use it for fic covers, self-print, icons, banners etc. provided that it has been properly credited with source. You do not need to contact me for permission but if in doubt, do not hesitate to ask :)

  • Under no circumstance will the watermark be allowed to be removed and is considered art theft if edited out or tampered. You may however, request to change the placement of the watermark somewhere else in the artwork.

  • Please do not edit or tamper the artwork with addition filters or colour/decorative adjustments without my permission. Do contact me first to see if the edit would not hinder the integrity of the work.

  • The final product outcome will be a full resolution digital copy of the file in jpeg. You may also ask for a png, tif or pdf only.

  • Result of artwork is always subjective. You are paying for my time and effort put into it. I am not liable for artworks that do not meet your expected criteria from me.

  • If you have doubts in regards to the process and the status of your commission, please ask me! I will not be offended by follow-up emails. Sometimes I may overlook my inbox and sometimes in rare cases, I might just make a human error of forgetting. There’s nothing worse than you receiving your commission and realising you are unhappy with it because you had not communicated thoroughly enough with me.

  •  I will consider the invoice of the commission as our binding contract. You are therefore acknowledging and agreeing to the Terms & Conditions when you make your payment for the commission.


I will only refund if:

  • I can no longer can deliver the commission.

Name *
*For Black & White Commissions only
*If it's environmental or non-character commissions, please select 'other'
Please try to explain your request and important notes in bullet points. Do not overcomplicate or send heavy chunks of text.
Latest Deadline (optional)
Latest Deadline (optional)
*providing a deadline does not mean it guarantees you will receive it on that date. It is for commissions that are intended for occasions like celebrations, gifts, fic release etc. that is needed within a given timeframe. Please allow at least 4 weeks from the date of design approval